Heavy duty polythene bags work?

The heavy duty polythene bags or plastic bags are valuable in different work regions, especially when you would like to pack a heavy weight thing in a plastic bag. It is made up of 400 gauge high value comprehensible polythene; the greater potency of our heavy duty plastic bags guarantees that your goods and products are kept dry, clean and safe whether in transit or in storage.

The heavy duty polythene bags suppliers are adaptable enough in order to gather all your packing needs. The bags are available in 12 different sizes in order to pack a wide range of products i.e. small or big.

The heavy duty polythene bags suppliers offer a low cost solution to your packing supplies. It is normally useful when covering heavy objects. These clear plastic bags are useful in different work areas, whether for commercial, industrial or domestic applications.

Normally the heavy duty polythene bags are 400 gauge thick or 100 micron, making them a muscular choice for sharper and heavier items such as tools. The thicker material in hard to tear or split. The bags can be easily sealed by using heat sealers for an air tight expert seal. The clipping pliers are another sealing choice for this bag thickness.

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